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Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins once said, “I have long felt that biology ought to seem as exciting as a mystery story, for a mystery story is exactly what biology is.”

Biology is very much like a mystery story because, in both, there are questions to be asked and problems to be solved.

From the interactions between an organism and its environment to the genetic and molecular underpinnings of disease, biology is the framework within which we understand the wonders and complexities of the natural world.  Our biology program provides the opportunity to study — and develop a career in — whichever mystery of biology excites you.

Choose from three concentrations.

The program’s breadth of course offerings gives you the option to either pursue a graduate degree or enter the work force in a variety of related fields.   Direct your studies with one of three concentrations:

  • General Biology concentration - This concentration provides a general overview of the biological sciences.  It is suitable for students who have a broad interest in biology, especially those interested in a career in education, law, ecology, government policy, or journalism.

  • Biochemistry concentration - This concentration is best for students interested in studying the molecules of life and seeking a career in biological research or clinical laboratory work. Through this concentration, our students get extensive hands-on experience in biochemical, cellular, and molecular techniques and take some graduate-level courses as part of their degree program. It’s therefore a great choice for students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in cell biology, biochemistry, or molecular biology.

  • Pre-medical/Pre-dental/Pre-veterinary concentration - This concentration provides our students with the basic entrance requirements for virtually every college of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine in the U.S.  It also prepares our students for a career in technically oriented areas of health and related life-science fields or to enter a graduate program in cell biology, biochemistry, or molecular biology.

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