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We all express ourselves in words.  But some of us also communicate visually — we create pictures, sculpture, and artwork that often say more than words can express.  If you gravitate to this type of communication, our bachelor’s degree program will unleash your creative potential and develop your talents so that you can take them out into the world and make creative and practical use of them.

Art student Diana Barba and her sculpture during the Installing Sculpture Island Project at UNH.
Art student Diana Barba and her sculpture during the Installing Sculpture Island Project at UNH.

See as an artist sees.

Our program teaches you to look at the world inquisitively — interpreting what you see in new ways that have meaning, value, and purpose.  In the process, your thinking will become more flexible.  You will find new approaches to old ideas and generate original solutions to problems. 

Develop your own distinct character.

You’ll also see your own personal idiom emerge in the discipline of your choosing — whether it’s painting, sculpture, drawing, or printmaking.  Our program is actually your program.  It’s structured around you, with your particular strengths in mind, and comes with thoughtful supervision at every stage of your development.

Prepare for a career as an artist or for rewarding work in a museum.

In addition to our studio courses, where you’ll have opportunities to develop as an artist, you can also take advantage of our Museum Studies concentration or minor.  The Museum Studies path will help prepare you for a career in museums, galleries, and arts organizations and also for continued study in graduate school.

Work in your chosen field while you study. 

The Department of Visual Arts participates in the cooperative education program, which enables you to combine your art education with practical, paid work experience.  With state-of-the-art digital design technology and computer art fully integrated into our curriculum, you’ll have numerous options for work.

Be part of a close-knit community.

Art & Design freshman students on a museum research trip to MET Museum & MAD (Museum of Art & Design) in New York City.
Art & Design freshman students on a museum research trip to MET Museum & MAD (Museum of Art & Design) in New York City.

UNH is a small university with a neighborhood feel.  Within that neighborhood, our creative arts students are particularly close and supportive of each other. Outlets for expression?  On campus, the Seton Art Gallery hosts exhibitions from artists around the globe, in addition to the Juried Student Art competition and faculty exhibits.  Bucknall Theater, also on campus, stages plays, musicals, children’s theater, recitals, and more, all year long.

And, of course, consider UNH’s location.  We’re just 10 minutes away from New Haven’s and Yale’s museums, theaters, and galleries and smack in the middle between the culture hubs of New York and Boston.

Did you know?

Installing Sculpture Island
Installing Sculpture Island Project

Kaila Ramos with her installation, Lotus, at the Installing Sculpture Island Project at UNH. Kaila used the cardboard in its natural state to emphasize the meaning of the lotus being untouched, pure, and alluring.

...that many companies in the corporate world, in their quest for a fresh approach to their business problems, are hiring graduates with art degrees because of their creative problem-solving abilities?  In addition to this fertile new career ground, graduates holding a degree or minor in art have hundreds of careers they're qualified for.  Just to name a few:

  • Freelance Artist
  • Art Handler
  • Arts Organization Work
  • Illustrator
  • Photographer
  • Museum/Gallery Curator
  • Arts Administration
  • Arts Education

...and more

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  1. Similar Programs

    If you are interested in Art, you may also want to find out more about our Graphic Design and Interior Design programs.

    We also offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at our campus in Old Lyme, CT, with concentrations in drawing, illustration, painting and sculpture.