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Marine Affairs

The world’s coastal waters and oceans provide food, minerals, energy, and recreation to much of the global population. They also serve as major corridors for commerce, transportation, defense and communications. Increasingly, these waters, including those of Long Island Sound, are threatened by pollution, climate change, overexploitation of resources, and usage conflicts.

As these threats multiply, the need has increased for qualified professionals who can understand these challenges and help establish meaningful policies and laws to regulate and protect marine and coastal ecosystems. With the B.A. in Marine Affairs program at UNH you will become one of those qualified professionals. You will have the scientific knowledge and specific technical skills necessary to work in this very challenging and important area.

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This degree is not intended for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in the marine sciences or any of its sub-disciplines (e.g. marine biology, marine ecology, aquaculture or marine fisheries). Students interested in pursuing graduate work in these scientific areas should major in Marine Biology.
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