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Research Requirements and Options

All research requires the approval of the program coordinator. Approval requires completion of the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training. The description of this on-line training and other RCR issues is provided on the CMBI RCR form available at

THESIS OPTION (CMBI 7695, CMBI 7698 and CMBI 7699)

The thesis option is highly recommended to CMB students who wish to further their education in a Ph.D. or other doctoral program. Students who elect to write a thesis must include CMBI 7695 Independent Study, CMBI 7698 and 7699, Thesis I and II or the chemistry or physics equivalents. All the research for the thesis must be performed at the University of New Haven, and must be advised by full time faculty members of the University and one of the advising faculty members should be selected from the Department of Biology and Environmental Science. Students can select the Thesis option after completing 9 to 20 credit hours of graduate study with a minimum GPA of 3.3 and the approval of the program coordinator.

The first research course, CMBI 7695 Independent Study, is designed to introduce the student to the specific research field and allow the student to develop the necessary research techniques as well as to work on the Thesis proposal (see the section on Independent Study below). The proposal must follow the Thesis Proposal Format and have references in the AMA style. Prior to registering for CMBI 7698 Thesis I, the student must complete the Proposal for Thesis form, and attach it to the formal proposal written during the independent study. The student next secures an approval signature from a faculty member who will serve as adviser. The student must then receive approval for the proposed thesis and the thesis adviser from the department chair, program coordinator and the Provost's Office. Only after the Registrar has received the approval form with necessary signatures will the student be permitted to register for thesis.

Thesis I and II must be taken over a minimum of two academic terms. A preliminary draft of the thesis must be presented to the adviser at least 75 days prior to commencement. Upon approval by the adviser and program coordinator, unbound copies are presented to the Dean's Office and the Provost's Office. The thesis adviser will then schedule the thesis defense before the student's thesis committee. Successful defense of the thesis must be completed at least three weeks prior to the date of commencement. Students must complete and defend the thesis within the time limit for completion of the degree.

After successful defense and approval by the Provost's Office, thesis credit is awarded. Final, unbound copies of the thesis are deposited with the Provost's Office, to be forwarded for binding at the University Library where they become part of the permanent collection. The department or program coordinator may require additional copies of the thesis.

For guidance in the preparation of theses, graduate students should consult the University's Dissertation & Thesis Manual (2014). Questions not resolved by the instructions should be settled in consultation with the adviser and by reference to a standard style manual.

The University of New Haven Graduate School participates in the University Microfilms, Inc. (UMI) Dissertation Services program and provides assistance to doctoral students for registration of dissertations and copyrights.

1. CMBI 6688 Internship I/ CMBI 6689 Internship II

The Internship program is a unique experience that exposes students to a new research setting and allows them to see cross-disciplinary principles/teams in action, and provides trainees with an important new perspective on biomedical research. Internships can be performed in an academic or pharmaceutical company setting nationwide. During an internship, the intern is required to have 600 hours of research completed at the site. Similar to the research project, the internship requires an approval based on the internship proposal. The format and the submission deadlines are the same as for the research project proposal (see below).

Work related to these courses can be performed at an outside laboratory that satisfies the University's requirements. Students can choose from these courses after a minimum of 18 credit hours of graduate course work with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and the approval of program coordinator. 

2. Research Project (CMBI 6690) or Independent Study (CMBI 6695/CMBI 6696):

The approval of a research project or independent study requires a proposal written by the student. Proposals must be submitted 2 weeks before the beginning of the registering semester. Proposals should include the outline of the research project, a description of where the research will take place and an estimated timeline for the project. You will also need to have the completed Signature Sheet to register.
Format for the research proposal,

At the end of the research project the student is required to submit a research paper that describes all the results gained during the research and their interpretation. The first version of the final paper is due 2 weeks before the end of the registering semester. The ultimate goal is that the research will result in a manuscript that is ready for publication; therefore its format is very similar to a regular research manuscript format.
Format of the final paper.