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Teacher Certification Procedures (727)

Certification Forms & Documents

Each student teacher must schedule an “exit interview” with the Certification Officer during the field experience.

The appropriate documents will be reviewed and cross-endorsements will be discussed.

The following documents are required:

1. ED 170A Short Form Application for CT Initial Educator Certificate:

2. Money order, certified bank check or cashier’s check for $200.00.

3. UNH Certification Checklist. 

4. Duplicated PLT/PRAXIS II/ACTFL test score results.

5. UNH Exit Survey.

For more information on the certification requirements for other States, please visit the table below. 

Alabama Illinois Montana Rhode Island
Alaska Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
Arizona Iowa Nevada South Dakota
Arkansas Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee
California Kentucky New Jersey Texas
Colorado Louisiana New Mexico Utah
Connecticut Maine New York Vermont
Delaware Maryland North Carolina Virginia
D.C. Massachusetts North Dakota Washington
Florida Michigan Ohio West Virginia
Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma Wisconsin
Hawaii Mississippi Oregon Wyoming
Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania Puerto Rico
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