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Studying and Pacing in a Math Zone Class

Self-Paced Learning

It's unlikely that any two students taking the same math class will have exactly the same path through a Math Zone class. This is because all of the classes are adaptive to your weaknesses and strengths, and the problem solving techniques you are shown are in part determined by how well you solve those types of math problems. You can also spend more time, or less time on each topic, depending on how well you feel you know it. You take tests when you feel you are ready.

In addition, your pace through Math Zone classes is up to you. Greater effort in studying pays off. Students needing to complete more than one math class in the Math Zone are encouraged to try to get through as much of the material as possible each semester. If you complete more than one class in a semester, you get ahead faster, and you are only paying one semester's worth of tuition for two (or more courses). Even if you only need one math class in the Math Zone, it may be advantageous to work through it quickly.

Students who complete more than one math class in the Math Zone in any semester are awarded credit for the highest level class they complete in that semester. If you are considering doing another class after having successfully completed your first course, contact the Math Zone Coordinator to fully discuss your options for the semester. If you are close to completing a second class successfully, however the semester is coming to a close, you may be eligible to get an incomplete grade in the class, allowing you time until just before the start of the next semester to complete that course. Again, if you pass the final exam before the start of the next semester, you will get credit for that class as the highest level course you have completed in the Math Zone. You can then move on to your next math class, if any.

It is important that you formally let any of the Math Zone instructors or the Coordinator of your intentions to attempt to complete a class to be allowed the INC or incomplete grade. In addition, certain conditions and restrictions apply, and you need to be fully aware of these. Make sure you have received written approval for an incomplete grade along with detailed instructions on how to complete your class.

Some scenarios

Let's examine some common situations that can arise in the Math Zone with different students taking different classes:

If you complete MATH 1109 twelve weeks into the semester with a B grade, and your program does not require any more math courses, you can stop coming to the Math Zone and at the end of the semester, you will have a B recorded for MATH 1109.

If instead, you complete MATH 1109 six weeks into the Fall Semester, and begin studying MATH 1115, hoping to get through pre-calculus that semester. Despite your best efforts, you only get through 70% of the course before the end of the semester. Knowing you can complete the class during the break, you request and are approved for an INC grade in MATH 1115. This approval also requires that you complete MATH 1115 one week before the start of the Spring Semester. If you meet your obligations for satisfying all course requirements for MATH 1115 before the deadline, you will be awarded a grade for MATH 1115 for the Fall Semester. If you do not, then you can start MATH 1115 in the Spring semester, completing it quickly.

For students who struggle with math, if you need more time, you can also take more time. For example, if you get through only half the class one semester, the next semester you take that class you start with the second half, where you left off. You do not start from the beginning. The curriculum is individualized to each student.