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Navigating a Math Zone Class

Making use of the Math Zone

Students in the Math Zone are registered in the class MATH 1175, however they will be studying MATH 1103 Fundamental Math, MATH 1109 College Algebra, or MATH 1115 Pre-Calculus. Take the time to become familiar with your Math Zone class.

Each week you are required to come in to the Math Zone to work through your individualized study plan. You'll read about how to solve problems using your e-text, and you'll be shown examples of how to work your way through math problems. If you get stuck, or lost, let the instructional staff know. They are there help. Take the time to resolve your problems. You are not penalized for asking for assistance, and your grade in the course is determined only by how well you do on your course work and exams.

Students are provided lockers on entering the Math Zone where they must deposit cell phones and any other electronic devices, as well as any other items they prefer to leave in the locker. Cell phones and electronic devices are banned from being used in the Math Zone. Also, you are not allowed to drink or eat in the Math Zone. Please help us keep it clean for all users.

Working on your study plan

Each Math Zone class has its own plan of study. This describes all of the topics and sections that you have to cover in your e-text for that class. An outline of your study plan can be found by logging into Blackboard to access a copy of your class syllabus, or by logging into the Pearson MyLabsPlus website associated with your class. If you have any questions about what you need to do, please ask.

Instead of attending lectures, each learning objective is segmented into short practice problems that provide an introduction to each topic. Some have accompanying videos. You have the opportunity to review worked examples and see sample solutions. You can then test yourself on whether you can work with those mathematical ideas covered in that lesson.

If you are confident that you can go forward, you can take a short quiz, called a Quiz-Me. If you do well on these you earn Mastery Points, but most significantly, you make progress toward being able to take exams that chart your progress through the class. If you have difficulties with the material, you will be shown alternative approaches to explaining it; however if you continue to have difficulties, it is important that you ask for tutoring assistance.

Indeed, at any point where you find yourself not understanding something, ask. It will save you time, and helps you to progress faster.

Taking exams

All exams must be taken in the Math Zone in a proctored setting. Before you take any exam, please let one of the Math Zone faculty know so that they can begin your testing session.

You may use the desktop calculator to help you with your exam. Cell phones and other electronic devices are banned from the Math Zone at all times. Having them with your during an exam risks having the exam results being invalidated. Students who have 3 or more exam rule violations will be given an F grade for the course for the semester.