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Navigating a Math Zone Class

Making use of the Math Zone

If you are scheduled for a class in the Math Zone expect the following:

  1. Mini-lectures delivered by experienced and knowledgeable faculty members
  2. Practice via adaptive technology (Pearson software)
  3. Tests which reflect the material covered in the course and practice problems solved
  4. Professional, attentive and knowledgeable tutors

Working on your study plan

  1. The study plan is segmented by learning objectives.
  2. Complete as many practice problems as you think you need, then complete a short Quiz Me to assess and earn your mastery for that objective.

Taking exams

All exams must be taken in the Math Zone in a proctored setting. Before you take any exam, please let one of the Math Zone faculty know so that they can begin your testing session.

You may use the desktop calculator to help you with your exam. Having a cell phone or other electronic device with you during an exam risks having the exam results being invalidated.