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Learning in the Math Zone

Mentored, Self-Paced and Adaptive

The Math Zone uses a mentored, self-paced, and adaptive learning environment for teaching MATH 1103 Fundamental Mathematics, MATH 1109 College Algebra, and MATH 1115 Pre-Calculus.

  • Mentored means that you have tutors assisting you with learning, that you can ask questions, and get help.
  • Self-paced means that you move at your own pace in a Math Zone class, not at the pace of the entire class. Students can advance through one or several math courses in any semester, getting academic credit for the highest level class they complete each semester.
  • Adaptive means that your curriculum is customized to your learning needs.

The most important part in all of this is learning personal responsibility. Indeed, this is part of what we teach. Unlike high school, the Math Zone requires that each student become directly engaged in their own learning. Students learn to take charge of the time they spend studying. We are here to help, but we cannot do it for you. However, we will follow up with you if you are not meeting your obligations for studying in the Math Zone.

Each Math Zone class is designed to turn out students who have demonstrated proficiency in mathematics. We want to level the playing field for students so that they can fully succeed in any upper level math class they need to take. Acquiring math competency is an essential part of student success at UNH.

How it works

Students who are assigned to the Math Zone are enrolled in the course, MATH 1175 Math Zone. If you are taking MATH 1175, you will be provided detailed instructions on how to access your Math Zone course and how to attend classes each week. There is an introductory lecture before the start of each semester that outlines the rules and requirements for taking any MATH 1175 course. Students are also shown how to access their UNH Blackboard account, and also how to access the Pearson MyLabs Plus web site to gain access to the instructional materials.

This is not an online class. Testing and some of your weekly studying must be done in the Math Zone.

  • Each student taking a Math Zone class must study at least 2.5 hours in the Math Zone each week, just as they would attend any other three credit course for the same amount of time each week.
  • When you come to the Math Zone, please be sure to have your UNH student ID. Without your UNH student ID, you may not enter the Math Zone.
During Math Zone peak hours, preferred access is given to students whose block schedule allows them access at those times. At all other times, students can come to the Math Zone as they wish.

Even though this is not an online class, you can access your course to study on your own any place that you have an Internet connection. You can expect to spend around 6 to 9 hours each week studying for this course. It's intensive. This is not your high school math class. This means:

  • If you need help with the math or the lesson, don't wait, ask;
  • If the computers or technology are causing a problem, let us know now, not tomorrow or the next time the problem comes up;
  • If you think you can wait until Sunday afternoon to get everything done, it just won't work.

We want students to interact with the faculty, we want you to be engaged in your own learning. We are committed to providing every students an individualized learning opportunity to get through the basic math they need.