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Approach to Teaching and Learning in the Math Zone

The Math Zone builds on UNH's core strengths in individualized, experiential learning.

It provides a unique opportunity to remediate math skills, with the aim of bringing each student to a level of performance in math that allows them to master more advanced math classes.

Faculty in the Math Zone are on hand at all times to work with the technology and to guide students through the process of learning mathematics. Tutors are available to work one-on-one with students to help them master the details of mathematical problem solving.

Benefits of The Math Zone

1. Save time*

2. Save money

3. Mastery-focused progress

4. Student-centered and adaptive instruction

*You may complete more than course in a single semester. You may also begin a second course and complete it in the following term.

Keys to Success:

1. Practice, practice, practice: In addition to the 3 hours of actual seat time, prepare to spend another 6 hours per week using the Pearson Software on your own time

2. Utilize any and all of the following

  • Online Textbook
  • Videos
  • Examples
  • "Help Me Solve"
  • Animations
3. Come for tutoring at the Math Zone during open hours (see left side of