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Accessing Your Math Zone Class

Students taking Math Zone classes need to access the on-line curriculum provided through Pearson's MyLabsPlus portal.

You can access your class either in the Math Zone or anywhere outside with an Internet connection. If you are coming to study in the Math Zone, you must bring your UNH Campus Card (student ID).

It advisable to familiarize yourself with the portal and the software so that you can quickly get going in your class. When you are in the Math Zone, the computers are set to connect to this directly. If you are studying outside the Math Zone, you will need establish the connection to log in.

Resolving technical problems with your Math Zone class

If you have any technical difficulties, please notify any member of of the Math Zone staff. If you are working outside the Math Zone, please contact the Math Zone Coordinator or UNH's Technical Support using your Blackboard account.

In using MyLabsPlus away from the Math Zone, it is important that you configure your computer so that it can work with the MyLabsPlus software. You should be using either Google's Chrome browser, or Mozilla's Firefox. Internet Explorer has some known difficulties.

If you are using Chrome, you must also turn off the 'pop-up' blockers because they prevent parts of MyLabsPlus from working.

If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you will still need to check your computer's browser software to make sure that it has all of the features installed that MyLabsPlus uses. To do this, first log into MyLabsPlus.

This puts you on the first page, called 'Course Home'. When you are on this page, you can initiate the browser check by clicking on the words 'Browser Check'.

If you need any updates, the MyLabsPlus system check will show you how to proceed (for example, you may need to install the Adobe Flash player). All if this software is free.

If you are having difficulties with using the software, please contact the Math Zone staff for help. We also have a short summary of some Common Computer Use (PDF) difficulties students may have with answering computer based questions that may be of assistance.

Taking quizzes and tests in the Math Zone

As in any class, you will have class work, quizzes and tests as you progress. Please note that all exams need to be done in the Math Zone. You can do your course work anywhere, however you need to let the staff know when you are ready to take a test. If you experience any technical difficulties during an exam, it is important that you notify the Math Zone staff during the test, or immediately after the exam.

We can reset exams, we can correct for technical errors, and we can accommodate some of the input errors that students sometimes make, however it is important that you let us know.