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Transparency and the Instructional Technology & Digital Media Literacy (IT&DML) Program

April 3, 2014 By Ian O'Byrne

Transparency and the Instructional Technology & Digital Media Literacy (IT&DML) Program

We are coming to the end of our first year with the Instructional Technology & Digital Media Literacy (IT&DML) Program.

With the IT&DML Program, our goal is designed to make educators experts in the authentic and effective use of technology in teaching and learning. In this we focus on not only the theories and perspectives that frame this work, but the “nuts and bolts” necessary to make it all happen in a learning context.

You can read more about the framing of this program in this post, as well as our overview and goals.  This program strives to be at the bleeding edge of what could/should happen in terms of technology and literacy. Not only are we trying to make sense of the digitally literate classroom, but also keep an eye for where we will be in 5 to 10 years. As a result, we’re believers in OPEN uses of teaching, learning, and thought in the classroom. That belief set is maintained by the instructors and students in the program. Over the coming weeks I’ll detail all of the classes, and most of support materials in the program. I’m sharing to let you see what we’re doing in the program, and what you can do while learning on your own.

To read the blogs of all members of the IT&DML program, please follow the Twitter feed (@itdml) that aggregates all of our work. Please also review the Digital Texts and Tools (DT&T) Online Repository. This site serves as an archive of all of the content that we build and share during the program. Instructors and students share, edit, and revise our work collaboratively using Creative Commons licensing.

Over the coming weeks I’ll give you an inside tour of the materials, syllabi, and some of the work product behind each of the classes in the program. If you’re interested to learn more, or join us as a student in the program, please visit the following webpage (

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