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Graduate Student Showcase

Courtney Cusano and Emily Paterson, second trimester students at our Southeast Campus were accepted to present their unit of study: Holocaust Unit Plan for Grade 6 with Integrated Bystander Concept as a poster session for the Graduate Showcase.

This unit was developed as a component of their work in the Elementary Science/Social Studies course this trimester. It is the goal of this unit of study that 6 th grade students will demonstrate an understanding of the events, as well as human behavior that occurred before, during and after the time of the Holocaust. They will also understand the bystander concept, the accounts of it during the Holocaust and its implications for present day bullying situations.

Students will use their critical thinking and problem solving skills through researching topics and gathering research surrounding the Holocaust, as well as analyzing bystander accounts that occurred during this time. Students will become active participant in discussions revolving around civil, global, and informational literacy topics regarding the Holocaust and bystander acts that occurred. Students will communicate why a person or group is considered a bystander, as well as the depth of loss that occurred in the concentration death camps, through the citation and analysis of specific textual evidence from the various primary and secondary sources that they will read and discuss with group mates. They will also communicate to the class, through their presentations, selected research topic on the Holocaust. Through analyzing events of the Holocaust through maps, charts, graphs and images, students will become ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) literate. Students will use flexibility and adaptability in order to put themselves in the shoes of those living at the time of the Holocaust and understand the feelings and outlooks of those affected by the Holocaust. They will also use their knowledge of bystanders that existed during the Holocaust and brainstorm ideas in which they can be advocates for victims and avoid being bystanders in present day bullying situations.