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Department of Biology and Environmental Science Faculty and Staff

Most of our full-time faculty members have their doctoral degrees and are highly dedicated to undergraduate education, devoting many hours outside of the classroom to supporting their students and providing academic assistance and guidance. 

Active in research and widely recognized as scholars in their respective fields, our faculty members give their students opportunities for hands-on experience through participation in research projects.  Both governmental and private entities have awarded grant-funded research projects to the UNH Department of Biology and Environmental Science.  

Small lecture and laboratory class size allows for a high degree of interaction between faculty and students. 

Research and Resources

  • Members of the faculty have active, externally funded research programs that provide diverse opportunities for student research.
  • Fully equipped laboratories provide resources for study of geographic information systems (GIS) and biochemistry.
  • Advanced courses include topics in GIS, bioremediation, risk assessment, wetlands ecology, hazardous materials management, landscape ecology, hydrology, groundwater geology, and advanced environmental geology.
  • Emphasis is placed on field work, with experiences enhanced by a five-acre salt marsh system for coastal studies and affiliation with the Gerace Research Center on San Salvador Island, Bahamas.
  • Cooperation with the UNH graduate program in environmental engineering enhances the environmental science curriculum.

Awards and Recognition

  • The Nature Conservancy recognizes our contributions to the development of a geographic information system to support efforts for managing the lower Connecticut River.
  • This program has earned additional recognition for assisting various area environmental groups in addressing environmental problems and issues as part of our hands-on approach to education.
  • Environmental science students have won prestigious national fellowships for study abroad and scholarships from external organizations.

Faculty in the Department of Biology and Environmental Science

Support Staff in the Department of Biology and Environmental Science