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UNH to launch the Math Zone: A revolution in math education

UNH's new state-of-the-art academic building where the innovative Math Zone will be located

For many students, learning math can be a hurdle.  Often, traditional classroom settings create anxiety and can’t target each student individually.

Sometimes students hit a wall in math and just can’t achieve the breakthrough no matter how hard they try.

That’s why UNH is developing the Math Learning Center and the Math Zone. Set to open in fall 2013, this center is a state-of-the-art approach to mathematics using the Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform that provides a unique, targeted education experience in math for each student. 

Math at your own pace.

What’s “adaptive technology” in mathematics?  It’s math at your own pace. . . and much more.  Adaptive technologies create an individualized learning experience that quickly understands (or adapts to) areas where students demonstrate mastery of topics and moves on to deliver precise instruction and support to subjects where a student is having difficulty. Adaptive technologies are the most successful technology-based education tools for learning math.  And pair this with the innovative Math Learning Center staffed with full-time math instructors, and UNH students have the best of both worlds—proven, award winning technology coupled with talented faculty dedicated to achieving student success in mathematics. 

Our goal is student success.

With UNH’s unique approach, the first of its kind in the state, students have an opportunity to complete up to three courses in mathematics in a single semester.  Because the adaptive technology is self-paced, students can accelerate through MATH 1103, 1109, and 1115.  UNH wants to ensure that mathematics doesn’t prevent anybody from achieving their goals.  That’s why the University is developing a new facility, implementing advanced technologies, and hiring talented mathematicians to work in the Math Learning Center.  Student success is UNH’s single most important goal and the Math Zone is another way UNH is enhancing the student learning experience.