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Art Students Visit 9/11 Memorial

On April 18, approximately 100 students and faculty from the Department of Art and Design visited the 9/11 Memorial Site in NYC. The trip was sponsored through the generosity of the Bartels Family Provost Fund. The 9/11 Memorial site is taking shape with the two memorial pools completed and other elements, including the museum, nearing completion. 

Students were moved by the experience and took time to reflect on the events of that day, some eleven and a half years ago.

Faculty member Todd Jokl noted "It was a special day and experience. We were all very excited to visit the site. Once we were there, I think each one of us was deeply affected by the two memorial pools, the names inscribed in bronze, and what the waterfalls cascading into the voids signify. The students and faculty were quite moved."

The students who are predominantly Art, Graphic Design, and Interior Design majors also took time to consider the memorial site from an architectural and design perspective. The site has two memorial pools but also incredible developments being constructed on all sides. 

Following the 9/11 Memorial visit, the group took lunch on the High Line. The High Line is a park built on reclaimed elevated rail tracks above the west side of NYC. The park is filled with art and installations along its nearly 30 block span. 

In all, a special day for everyone involved.